Travel Experiences are unique to all individuals and we are more than happy to customize “Your Dream Holiday”, tailor-made to your travel interests.

Feel the freedom! After all this is your holiday. With CSK Customized holidays you can pace up your holiday just the way you want, stay as long as you want and decide for yourself the attractions you must explore on your holiday. That’s not all; you have complete freedom and flexibility to design your holiday, the freedom to choose your hotel, the room type, the cuisine or anything that you want us to deliver at your doorstep.

Your Experience is Our Business

A Journey takes shape as we listen to the experience you’re seeking and design an itinerary to math. From the moment you imagine what your adventure could be, to the day you return, our goal is to assure a memorable and positive experience- a new chapter in the story of your life.

Peace of Mind

Our association with the best in the travel industry makes it possible for us to create original, authentic, imaginative, intelligent and innovative itineraries. Our experience and passionate attention to every detail gives you the freedom to relax and embrace your adventure – with peace of mind.

Orchestra of Elements

Ultimate care for your entire experience is our passion. Every detail, from itinerary creation to hotel check-ins and managing all transportation, has the individual attention and hands on approach by our staff and local partners. We select the most appropriate hotels, resorts, lodges and safari camps – world class, award winning accommodations. Legendary sites, wildlife encounters, activities, local cuisine and insider cultural experiences are seamlessly woven into your personal itinerary. You’ll feel the genuine love and depth of knowledge our staff and guides bestow upon you and your travel companions at every turn.

Ultimate Experiences

Our greatest reward is when so many of our clients become part of our family of repeat travelers. We are honored that more than 70% of our clients return to us for multiple journeys, or are referred to us.

Bring in the Family

A shared journey can bond generations of family together like no other even. It may be an adventure with your parents, siblings or even your grand children. Our Expert staff will help you design a journey that matches your requirements. From Sleeping arrangements, to child-friendly foods and activities, we create journeys that inspire curiosity and learning for all. We pay special attention – giving children the engagement they need and precious time for adults on their own.