It was the December of 2007.

Me & Shweta got engaged and had plans for a small scale wedding in Feb 2008. Small scale coz we were saving in for a good honeymoon holiday. We managed to have a good time, but well most of it did not go as we had planned.

This was the stepping stone, we were just married and back from a holiday tour which did not meet up to all our expectations of a pre-planned honeymoon. We made best use of this opportunity and set foot into an unknown bazaar of holidays. CSK Tours was formed in June 2008. As an initial backing partner we chose Thomas Cook India Ltd. we were appointed as one of the Gold Circle Partners for the Pune regions.

The beginning years have been very turbulent. 2008 had taught us several things. Until now, we had only heard about a bubble but had never witnessed one firsthand. Now we did. It is not always prudent to learn from own experiences but, 2008 is an exception.

Mumbai Terror Attacks, Falling of major financial institutions; it was a period of Mergers and takeovers besides the unusual bumps from the Sensex.

Though not with much in our hands, but we did survived the air, and lived for a brighter future. Six years down the line & with many successful clients we like to call ourselves as a budding player in Private & Customized Holidays.

Business has not gone any easier since then, we are still trying our best to survive side by side with the age of online bookings and call centre operations.

Today we take pride in our customers and their repeated business. Also, during all these years we have made very strong business associations in the travel industry for the requirements of all our customers. We have been identified as an independent & reputable travel company by the Departments of Tourism of many countries.

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