If you’ve got an idea of which style of trip will suit you best, take a look at our different trip themes below, as there’s something to suit everyone. Whether you’re chasing a global gastronomic dream or wanting to ride your bike to Base camp, We have a themed adventure that’s perfect for you.

Family HolidaysImage + Family Holiday

Your sense of adventure doesn’t disappear just because you have kids, so why should your family holiday destinations be limited to the ‘usual suspects’? On our Family Adventure you and your kids will encounter plenty of real life experiences along the way – anything from riding a tuk-tuk in Bangkok, playing football with the Masai in Kenya or sailing down the Nile in a felucca. Whatever it is, learning and exploring in the real world opens eyes and minds in a way the virtual world never can.

Set Sailing ToursImage + Set Sailing
Need some breeze in your hair? Sunshine on your face? Sea air in your lungs? Look no further than our awesome range of sailing adventures. They’re the perfect way to mix plenty of relaxation, exploration and fun in Europe, Asia and Australia’s most celebrated seaside destinations.

Food ToursImage+food1

A whole new sub-breed of traveler’s has been born, as more and more of you have embraced authentic, food-centric itineraries.
So to keep up with your insatiable appetites for the most digestible destinations, we’ve expanded our range of Food Adventures to take in even more of the world’s tastiest hotspots.

Wildlife SafarisImage + Wildlife 3

From tigers in India, to polar bears in the arctic, From mountain gorillas in Rwanda, to marine iguanas in the Galapagos Islands, from lions in Kenya, to whale sharks in Australia. Our wildlife tours will enable you to see some of the world’s most amazing animals. Seeing some of the planet’s most amazing animals on a wildlife holiday is undoubtedly one of the most popular & amazing experience on a holiday.

Adventure TravelImage + Adventures
Adventure means different things to different people. For some it might be sailing or snorkeling in the crystal indigo waters of Cancun, Mexico; Others might get a thrill from petting a shark or climbing 4000 feet in the cockpit of a Soviet jet Trainer. It certainly means a lot of fun for a lot of people. Statistics provided by the Travel Industry show that during the past five years, 98 million adults have taken an adventure trip like rock climbing, mountain hiking, whitewater rafting, spelunking, parasailing, skydiving and other activities, “Soft Adventure” vacations are milder and may feature walking, bicycling, fishing camping or horseback riding.

Walk Or Cycle Explorer Image + Cycling

Take your time and challenge your body and mind on one of our adventurous walking or cycling trips. It’s a whole other ballgame seeing the world from a bicycle seat or soaking up a new landscape as you walk or hike. But you are still experiencing the world in your own way.

CruisingImage + Cruising

A Cruisetour is the best of both worlds. It combines a fabulous cruise with an exciting multi-night land tour traveling into the heart of Alaska and Canada*. And as anyone who’s traveled before knows, coastal areas are beautiful, but some of the most interesting cities and sights are often inland. On a Cruise-tour, you’re able to see everything – fabulous ports of call along the coast, and magnificent cities and sights located inland. In addition to your cruise vacation, the land portion of the Cruise-tour includes accommodations in some of the finest hotels and travel by coach or trains.

Luxury Image + Luxury 2

Today, the word “luxury” has been degraded by overuse. Everything has its “luxury” component nowadays…from coffee blends to detergents. But in the view of experienced, demanding luxury travelers, “luxury hotel” has to mean something specific.
“The definition of luxury travel to us is to undertake a new experience and immerse oneself in a new destination whilst indulging in the very best levels of personal and attentive service, lavish and sumptuous accommodation, exquisite and unrivalled levels of gastronomy and informative and educational guides
Luxury travelling caters to a posh demographic and does not have any competition from the thousands of discount travel sites. Affluent customers are willing to spend more to get more, which means a luxury travel specialist will need to resonate with people who consider exotic travel to be a lifestyle.
Many upscale travel agents are retaining agents who act as “travel concierges,” making all the arrangements from travel and lodging to dinner reservations and theatre tickets, often for a flat fee of upto $1000.
We at CSK are creating a very specialized niche within the Travel Category. Its all about luxury. There are people who have the money to experience the finest in life, without having to book it and do all of the work themselves. That’s what we do; by planning exclusive, custom-made travel packages and taking our clients to popular destinations around the world in style.

Girlfriend GetawaysImage + Girlfriend Getaways 3

A Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend is a short vacation in which husbands, boyfriends, children, and the like are not included. A Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend is becoming a synonym with girl empowerment, and more and more women are now going on trips that test their physical and mental limits. A Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend is usually organized among women who know each other and have a history together. Many of them live in different parts of the country and don’t get to see each other often, so a Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend is the perfect opportunity to reconnect, share experiences and ideas, and create new memories. Sometimes bringing “guests” to the trip is encouraged, in an effort to enlarge the circle. A Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend is based on the idea that women need time to reconnect with themselves and escape the daily grind of work, family, and city stress. So you’re planning a girls-only vacation and you’re confused about where to go? Girl friend getaways are a place where you bond with the most important women in your life.

MancationsImage + Mancations

The concept of a gender specific trip has “been around since the first caveman took his club and went hunting with the others in the tribe.” Yet, mancation has become a buzzword in the travel business lately. Tapping into the success of marketing all-girls getaway packages, hotels and resorts have started featuring all-male bonding vacation packages that include everything from poker, to extreme sports, to spa treatments. Golfing is the most popular activity for all-male vacation groups but destinations have developed unique programs to accommodate the growing trend. The latest mancation packages offer spiritual healing, culinary instruction, yoga, and sexual reawakening.